Why did Microsoft feel the need to remove bluetooth drivers from Server 2008? Seriously? The installation data for these drivers is MINIMAL disk overhead. We’re talking < 2MB. There isn’t even RAM/kernel overhead if the user doesn’t have a bluetooth device! Yet, Microsoft shipped Server 2008 without Bluetooth drivers. This of course was a pain for me because I run Server OS on my personal laptop.

Server 2008, on a laptop? Yes. Basically the server operating systems are less frilly, more performance oriented versions of Microsoft’s latest OS. So Server 2008 is nearly the same platform as Windows Vista. And since I am a university student with a school that has an MS partnership I get my choice of OS free.

So as you probably gathered by now, I’m frustrated that MS removed Vista’s bluetooth drivers from Server 2008. Well luckily we have friends on the internet who help out in these situations. If you’re trying to track down bluetooth drivers for Server 2008 see Komeil’s blog for downloads and instructions.

Lastly, booooo Microsoft for doing this. I haven’t tested Windows Server 2008 R2 (Windows 7 comparable server edition) but I hope you included bluetooth drivers!

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