I hate just plain ranting but I can’t stop myself on this one.

I have internet through AT&T U-Verse. Prior to this coming February all subscribers received a free upgrade to Flickr Pro. This increases the maximum upload thresholds adds services like more photo collections/sets, etc. I have used this service extensively for my photo organizing.

This December I read that in an effort to cut cost AT&T would be discontinuing this offer for a free Flickr Pro account. I debated it and decided that I would pay the upgrade fee myself. So I went to the Flickr site and it gave me a message stating my account would expire in February but if I upgrade today then I will receive 2+ months free until that expiration date then my 1 year would kick in.

Instead of buying immediately I asked a family member to gift me a Flickr subscription for Christmas. On Christmas Eve I received the gift code and entered it to my Flickr account. First thing I notice is that the 1 year took effect that second, so my account showed that it would expire 12/24/09!

You can imagine I was quite disappointed to find that the subscription took effect instantly rather then when my current service would expire.

I emailed Flickr support to ask for an account credit. Please read their reply (minus agent’s name).


Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Billing.

I understand you are contacting us regarding your Yahoo! Flickr Pro gift

Unfortunately, we cannot issue the two months free as your subscription
is a gift and you have not paid for services.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Billing. If we can provide you
with any further information, please reply to this email.

“You have not paid for services” ?!?!?! What? I stole this? I got it for free? No it was paid at the same rate as any other customer.

Needless to say I have sent a follow-up email expressing my disappointment with their decision and reply.

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