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Just a note, when using Windows RAID it was using their driver and their driver’s tool to configure the RAID. On to your questions.
1) As far as I know the answer is yes. The tool seemed quite flexible in configuring the RAID setup. I think there was a wizard mode for common simple stuff and an advanced mode that allows you pick individual disks out of the 5 in the enclosure and set their RAID config. I don’t remember what all RAID types are supported by the enclosure running in HW mode so you might want to check on that. And JBOD should not be a problem alongside a RAID as long as the SATA card that you are connected to supports PMP.
2) Although I didn’t test it I don’t see why not. Performance will degrade though with simultaneous access because all that data has to be crammed through the PCI bus.

By: Dan Wed, 15 Jul 2009 23:44:43 +0000 Ryan,

Great post. I’m looking at a 4 (or 5) bay enclosure with the SIL4726 chipset onboard. If I can find a Vista/Server 2008 x64 driver for the SYBA SIL3124 PCI card, I will be running that as well. I noticed you had no issues with Windows running RAID, which is good new for me.

I was wondering two things though…

Does the SIL4726 support running RAID 1 on drives 1 and 2, while SPANNING drives 3 and 4? Or can you SPAN 1+2+3 and leave 4 independent? Or RAID 1 on 1+2 and leave 3 and 4 JBOD? Is there any limitation on the configuration of the hardware RAID?

If you have 4 drives in the enclosure on one eSATA port connected to the SYBA card, are the other 3 ports available? Can you have more than 4 drives attached to the device?


By: Ryan Sat, 12 Jul 2008 14:56:40 +0000 Hi Albert.
To turn off hardware RAID, I had to connect the box to a Windows computer and install the drive manager software (+ Windows drivers) from for the Sil4726 (drive manager) and the PCI-E controller card is SIL3132 (driver).
Then using the drive manager GUI I was able to configure the array to JBOD.
Just for reference, I had a lot less trouble setting the box up with Windows(10 mins) than Linux(2 weeks). But of course my main problem with Linux was the hardware RAID.