I enabled LDAP SSL and I’m having problem’s with user logon. Of course, a reminder, I’m running Fedora Directory Server (FDS). The user gets errors like this:

-bash: [: =: unary operator expected

I figured out that they come from running commands like the following in a shell script or typed by a user:

echo `/usr/bin/id -u`

By process of elimination I found that when I revert my ldap.conf file to not use SSL when connecting to my FDS LDAP server the bash errors go away.

I didn’t want to give up SSL because otherwise passwords are in CLEAR text. I actually verified that with wireshark.. ewww.

After > half a day hunting I stumbled upon a workaround

Turn on nscd. NSCD stands for name service cache daemon, which can lower the stress on auth servers by caching data. I have no idea why this fixed my problem…. but it did.